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Recurring Service
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Texas Brush Hogging Definitions, Bush Hog Definition, Brush Hogging Definition, Diameter Definition, Forestry Mulching Definition, Grade Level Definition, Horsepower Definition, HP Definition, Hydro-axing Definition, Hydro axing Definition, Hydro-ax Definition, Rotary Cutter Definition, Rotary Mower Definition, ROW Definition, Right of Way Definition, Slope Mowing Definition, Transmission line Definition, under brushing definition, underbrushing definition, Vegetation Definitions, Bush Definition, Brush Definition, Geophyte Definition, Mesquite Definition, Shrubland Definition, Huisache Definition, Weesatche Definition, Underbrush definition, Under brush definition

Bush Hog Definition: is one of the most well known manufacturers of the Rotary Cutters.

6 ft light duty Bush Hog

 Brush Hogging Definition: is the act of cutting / mowing heavy grass, brush, saplings, cactus and other vegetation.  There are 3 different duties of shredders: light duty, medium duty and heavy duty shredders.  It is very important that a heavy duty rotary cutter / shredder is utilized when brush hogging or bush hogging. It is equally important that you have a tractor that matches your shredder.

83 H.P. Tractor with cage to protect the operator.

 For true brush hogging you must have a minimum of 75 HP tractor and a heavy duty shredder. 
If the HP of the tractor is too much for the shredder it can over power it and break it. Typically the
drive shaft (parts price is $500 to $2000) will break or the stump jumper ($900 to $2000).

Diameter Definition: a straight line passing from side to side of a tree through the center of the tree.


Grade Level Definition: even with the surrounding ground level.

In the image above, "finished grade" is grade level.

Horsepower Definition (HP Definition): a unit of power equal in the United States to 745.7 watts and that equals 550 foot-pounds of work per second. Horsepower was first utilized in the late 18th century by Scottish engineer James Watt. He compared the output of steam engines with the power of draft horses.

Forestry Mulching Definition:  Forestry Mulching is just another way for saying hydro axing.

Hydro-axing Definition: Hydro axing utilizes a hydro ax mulching / grinding head for tree, brush and vegetation removal. There a basically 2 different sizes of hydro ax service. Small and large. Small machine hydro-axing is for 6" in diameter trees, brush and vegetation removal.  Which is typical for fence line clearing, trail blazing, or for under brushing. Large hydro ax machine typically as an 8 ft cutting head and can be a rotary head or a shredder type head. A large hydro ax machine can grind / mulch up to 45 inch diameter material.  It can grind or mulch larger material it just takes longer. Hydro ax grinding an dor mulching can usually take the tree or other vegetation down to grade level.

Large track 260 H.P. Hydro ax Machine
with 8 ft cutting head

Small track 100 H.P. Hydro ax Machine
with 5 ft cutting head.


Rotary Cutter Definition (two blades or more): more commonly referred to as as shredder,
is mower that attaches to a tractor via drive shaft and powered by the tractor PTO and utilizes
rotating blades to cut vegetation.


Heavy Duty 6 ft rotary cutter - brush hog.

Rotary Mower Definition (has a single blade): See Rotary cutter

ROW Definition: Right of Way. Typically ROW refers to pipeline right of ways or transmission line right of ways.

A Transmission line Right of Way

Right of Way Definition: the legal right, established by usage or grant,
to pass along a specific route through grounds or property belonging to another.

Slope Mowing Definition: typical slope mowing is mowing or brush hogging terrain that
in every 5 ft or less the terrain drops 1 ft. This is a 5 to 1 drop. The shorter the length in
the 1 ft drop the steeper the slope. 3 to 1 is typically maximum slope angle you want to cut.

Slope Mowing - Slope Brush Hogging

Transmission line Definition: typically an above ground towered system that carries specialized cables or other structure designs to carry electricity or an electrical signal over large distances with minimum losses and distortion.

Under brushing definition or underbrushing definition:
Mechanically, surgically or systematically thinning out a patch of trees, brush and other vegetation.

Underbrushing bushes, brush and saplings.

Vegetation Definitions

Bush definition: a shrub or clump of shrubs with stems of moderate length.

Brush definition: is a plant community characterized by vegetation dominated by shrubs, often also including grasses, herbs, and geophytes. When the majority of a property is covered with brush it is often referred to as shrubland. Shrubland may either occur naturally or be the result of human activity.

Geophyte Definition: A perennial plant with an underground food storage organ, such as a bulb, tuber, corm, or rhizome.

Mesquite Definition: a spiny leguminous trees or shrubs (genus Prosopis and especially P. glandulosa) that grows freely, and can spread rapidly, in Texas and generally forms extensive thickets. Livestock eat the sweet pods they grow. Mesquite wood is the most desired wood for barbequing in Texas.  The thorns make it particularly to difficult to brush hog and the mesquite's root system make it almost impossible to eradicate.

Mesquite not only in the "fence line" but also "in the fence". Texas Brush Hogging Service clears existing and new fence lines.

Shrubland Definition: is land that is covered mostly with shrubs. The term "shrubland" was first coined in 1903.

Huisache Definition / Weesatche Definition: Huisache is pronounced "we saCHe" so the slang spelling of husiahce is weesatche.  Huisahce (weesatche) is an invasive thorny shrubby acacia (Acacia farnesiana) with fragrant ball-shaped yellow flowers.  Huisache is invasive because it spreads naturally and is very difficult to brush hog and especially difficult to eradicate.

Underbrush definition: shrubs and small trees forming the undergrowth in a forest or tree covered area which is often a tangled, obstructing and impeding mass.

Recurring Service: Periodic Service on a Regular Schedule

NOTE:  If you have ever been confused about the definition of "bi-monthly" you should be ... the official definition of bi-monthly is "twice a month or every two months" ... WHAT??!!  That's right. So, if you request bi-monthly service, you then have to come up with an explanation of bi-monthly or take a chance on receiving the wrong service...

Bi-Weekly Service is or taking place every two weeks or twice a week. Here we go again.

Semi Monthly Service is the better word to use if you want twice a month.  It has a clear definition: "occurring twice a month".  PERIOD.

The above words are measurements ... measurements of time... which means their definition should be absolute ...  Could you imagine ...

Question: Well how long is the ROW you want mowed?

Answer: It's a bi-mile.

Question: What does that mean?

Answer: Well its either 2 half miles or its every other mile.

Question: OK. So I ask again "how long is the ROW you want brush hogged?

They should not, right from the start, create confusion ... yet .. here they are...

Texas Brush Hogging services the entire Estate of Texas.